12 best royalty free music for youtube

When you make a presentation video for youtube, after hours of working on a quality image and breathtaking transitions, you will always need dynamic and catchy Royalty free music to motivate your audience!

This is where our ‘royalty free music‘ for video editing comes in! if you don’t know what it is check wikipedia post or this post: what is royalty free music! In our catalog you will find quality dynamic music to give the breath that is missing to your youtube or other video presentations…

Royalty free music allows you to get rid of all the problems if you’re using the latest hits from Britney Spears or others … Youtube may demonetize your video if you use copyrighted music… So depending on your use you can buy a user license for your holiday video, or for facebook advertising on musicincloud to be sure you don’t have any problems !….

Royalty-free music Free download

We also propose you to use our music free of charge, as long as you credit us in your video (and a link in the youtube description for example ..)! More info here … And if you can’t or don’t want to credit musicincloud, you can buy a license …

Here are some categories and selection of “royalty free music” to get you started:

Energetic Royalty free music for youtube Royalty Free Energetic Music

The energy will breathe life into your video to lead the listener into your world of rock! dynamism! aggressive! distorded guitar solos! some screaming brass and other great powerful.. you can still filter the selected music with the instruments or the moods on the right of the page.


New-York BigJazz
The instrument(s) used are:acoustic-guitar brass doublebass piano
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic happy motivational

Hot Rock
The instrument(s) used are:drums electric-guitar
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic motivational

Funky Big Fiesta
The instrument(s) used are:brass drumbox saxophone
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic happy motivationnal

Corporate Royalty free music for youtube

Royalty free music for Corporate video

For official presentations, where the music must be lively but a little neutral and softer, official but lively… corporate royalty free music with nice atmosphere and motivational mood…

atmosphere, both serious and interesting, listen to this selection, try:

New Corporate
The instrument(s) used are:electric-guitar
The mood(s) of this tune:motivational

A Better Life
The instrument(s) used are:electric-guitar piano violin
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic happy motivational

Moving Dreams Inspiration
The instrument(s) used are:orchestra piano
The mood(s) of this tune:motivational

Electro Royalty free music for youtube Royalty Free music electro

Dubstep, house, lounge …

Perfect for modern youtube videos, look also for dubstep to have the saturated synths ! Distorted drum sounds, or even well filtered wooble bass! very nice for urban video or youtube modern content here is a small selection:

DubStep Fire
The instrument(s) used are:drumbox synthetizer
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic motivational

Electro Choc
The instrument(s) used are:drumbox synthetizer
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic motivational

Big And Fat
The instrument(s) used are:drumbox synthetizer
The mood(s) of this tune:energetic


Acoustic Royalty free musicRoyalty free Music acoustic

Acoustic guitar, folk, gypsy jazz Royalty free music

The acoustic sound is very particular and gives authenticity to your “youtube videos”!
For documentary, nature, or family images, with pleasant atmosphere, for your video production, the acoustic guitar is perfect to fit your need ! here is a small selection of music where the acoustic guitar is king! try:

Guitar Ballad
The instrument(s) used are:acoustic-guitar
The mood(s) of this tune:calm

Baby Smile
The instrument(s) used are:ukulele whistling
The mood(s) of this tune:children happy

Acoustic Heaven
The instrument(s) used are:acoustic-guitar glockenspiel-xylo
The mood(s) of this tune:calm children romantic


Again the choice of music is super important, and this will give a special atmosphere to your videos. With musicincloud we try as much as possible to use real instruments, so that the quality is as real as possible. This gives real authenticity to the music and by extension to your youtube or other videos!

So got and listen to all our great royalty free music in the style you want, you can also filter by instruments: electric guitar, drum, trumpet, or by mood: energetic, lounge, inspirational… You will for sure have some good time by listening and it may inspire you for some videos also :) Don’t forget that you can download a mp3 preview of the song by clicking on download preview of the player, so you can test in your video editor and syncronize everything. Then you will know for sure what is working good for your video ! :)

This will allow you to test the song in situation in your video editing before making your choice. try as much as you want, but the download is only for the main version, the alternate version are available only on purchase… Of course the songs are in high quality mp3 and Wav as well as all its versions will be immediatly available in your account once your choice is made and you have purchased the song !

What are you waiting for ? go for it and find….

“Royalty Free Music” for Youtube Videos!

We are two independant musicians trying to do the best music and reaching professional video editor worldwide with this site… Hope you’ll like it !