5 great features of Magic Lantern for your Canon DSLR

Magic Lantern is a very useful tool for Canon DSLR User that makes videos.
ou install it on your SD card and it adds a lot of great tools to help you while shooting your films.
Here are some that i find very useful :

1-Focus Peak: When you do videos, you need almost all the time to use the manual focus instead of the autofocus. With magic lantern you have this very useful tool to know exactly where the focus is. It changes the color of the area where you are actually on focus. It’s not always easy to see exactly where the focus is on the small camera screen and this tool makes it much more efficient !
You can choose the color and the percentage of pixel that should be colored around the focus.

2-Zebras: It’s not always easy to see when a part of the picture is overexposed, you may believe for instance that the sky is ok, but a part of it is burned… with Magic Lantern you can choose to have those area in a flashy Red so you are sure to see when this is happening.

3-Intervalometer: This option simply take a photo every x seconds. It’s what you need to make timelapse videos… put hours of shooting a scene of moving clouds, city’s traffic etc. in an impressive short movie… Usually you have to buy an accessory to achieve that. It can take pictures at the selected rate, or make a movie with the selected rate automatically
Look at the timelapse we made so easyly with this great tool :


4-Raw Shooting: With the latest version of MagicLantern you have the abilities to shoot directly in uncompressed RAW to have more definition ! You’ll ,need a quick SD card if you don’t want frame drop

5- Magic Zoom: You can activate a shortcut to make appear a zoom box of your image while recording, so you can be help you while focusing…

These are just a little selection of features MagicLantern can add to your camera… It’s really a great tool and it will help you shooting much easier. For more infos just have a look at their Website:

And here is a little video we made with magic lantern and a 600D ! it was really helpful !


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