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By purchasing a licence you fully accept the condition of use of the corresponding music.

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Exclusive Music - 100% Royalty Free

Our music is not registered with any performance rights organisation (Sacem, Sobam, Ascap, Bmi etc.) . You pay once for an utilisation licence, and you will never have to pay any other fees to any of those organisation.
With your purchase, you can download your music in your account, and get your pdf invoice and licence. You will have in your licence an unique serial key that certificate it.

   1-Standard Licence

Autorisation of use for unlimited projects for perpetuity

  • Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and any other video plateform online (includes monetized videos).
  • Personal or Professional Website.
  • Corporate presentation - ShowReel
  • Free Apps/Games (without in-app purchase or ads)
  • Student Films, Educational, Humanitarian, non commercial organisation Film
  • Up to 500 physical copies or downloads (Dvd/Cd/Software)
For other use like sponsored posts, advertissment network diffusion,youtube advertising etc. you need the internet advertissment spot licence...

  2-Commercial Film / Television & Radio Shows, Series

Autorisation for a Single Project for Perpetuity

You need to choose one of this option if you'll use our music in this context:

  • Background music or Theme for shows, news, trailers, montages, transitions for Tv or Radio
  • Series
  • Commercial Films, Cinema Movies
  • Local Radio Tv (+84€)
  • National Radio Tv (+180.00€)
  • Theatrical Release (+360.00€)

 3-Advertising Spot

Autorisation for a Single Spot for Perpetuity

You need to choose one of this option if you'll use our music for an advertissing spot. If you post yourself your video on youtube with no advertising network (adwords, facebook sponsored post etc.), the normal licence is the one you need...

  • Local Advertising Network (+120.00€)
  • Internet Advertising Network or sponsored posts (+180.00€)
  • National Advertising Network (+360.00€)
  • Worldwide Advertising (+960.00€)

   4-Mass Duplication Options

Autorisation for a Single Project for Perpetuity

You need to choose one of this option if your project needs more than 500 copies for:

  • DVDs, CD-ROMs or any other data storage device (Usb Key / Toys etc.)
  • paid apps and games (or with in-app purchases or advertising)
  • Digital Downloads: Audiobooks, Films , VOD, NetFlix, Itunes
  • 10000 Copies Max (+60.00€)
  • Unlimited copies (+180.00€)

  5-In-Store / Hotel / Show / On-Hold

Autorisation for a Single Project for Perpetuity

You need to choose one of this option if you want to use our music in your store, hotel or in a public event, tradeshow, waiting on-hold music or if you use a music for a theatre piece, live show, etc.
  • One Local Live Performance, Event, One Store/Hotel, 1 on hold line (+36.00€)
  • Live Multiple Performance, Event, Unlimited Store/Hotel, on hold line (+180.00€)

If you don't find the appropriate licence contact us ! And if your project needs multiple licence or a lot of music we can offer you a discount, contact us for more information.

Agreement for all licence

This document is a license agreement between Music In Cloud Owned by "Le Bus", and you, the licensee.
By 'recording' we name the musical piece that you choosed.
You agree by purchasing this license, to the following terms and conditions :

Non-Exclusive Licenses

All Music In Cloud licenses are non-exclusive. The licence permits you a right to use a piece of recorded music as defined in the present document. The autorisations are fonction of the licence option you buy. Music in Cloud remains the owner of the copyright. This license is valid worldwide for perpetuity unless indicated.


Music In Cloud is and remains the owner of all right of the music licenced. You can not claim yourself the ownership of the Recording or the composition through YouTube’s Content ID, or any similar system, even if it is cut, modified, or synchronized with your Project.
The Recording and the Music is protected by the French and international copyright laws. We retain the right to sell licenses of the Recording to third parties.

Forbidden Use

You agree to this limitations:

  • You can't sell, transfer, share, the license or the Music Recordings to any third party.
  • You can't include the music file in a template where it could be available as a separate file.
  • You can't use the Music Recording as your song, or music, adding other instruments or vocal: "Derivative Work" is not allowed.
  • Music In Cloud owns the Copyright of the music composition and/or the recording.


Music In Cloud assure you that the music you choose should be available at all times on the Music In Cloud Site. But we can not guarranty that all Licensable Musics will be available for use during the Agreement Term. It may happen in some extreme case that we are forced to discontinue licensing certain music where a music may be subject to a violation of copyright, or a claim of conterfeit. Music In Cloud may require Licensee to stop using and delete the Licensed Music. Music In Cloud in the case will provide the Licensee a similar Licenced Music free of charge.