Missing the time when all music used to be acoustic? Want to give your content or production a soothing acoustic background soundtrack?

MusicinCloud has got you covered. MusicinCloud is a website created by independent artists who have played in bands around France and have performed all across the world.

Acoustic music hits right in the feels and you enjoy every time the guitar string is struck.  It leaves you feeling warm, positive, and at peace, unlike the electronically-produced music which increases our heart-rate.

Some productions require that hearty acoustic vibe, and we are happy to provide you with that royalty free acoustic music that you are looking for!

You will find the best Royalty Free Acoustic music you needed maybe for the next cover you’re singing, or it can be the right fit for your YouTube video or even for the surprise video you’re making for your best-friend! You name it and MusicinCloud has got it.

Our goal is to provide you with pure blissful music and hassle-free experience. You won’t have to worry about copyrights with MusicinCloud.

All our music is produced by us and is 100% copyright clear. For checking our songs, visit www.musicincloud.com and register!