What is royalty free music ?

What is royalty free music

What is Royalty Free Music

on October 30, 2014 .

Hello all, some of you doesn’t understand what exactly is royalty free music, here is a little post to explain what it’s all about.
First royalty free music is usually made for professional people making videos, or using music for their projects, and to make it simple, when you buy royalty free music, you pay just one time for a licence of utilisation and you can use it without having to pay any more fees to a right management company.

Simply : you pay once, and don’t have to pay after.

If you use ‘normal’ music for your videos, you will have to pay royalties depending on where and how much is seen the video. This is why we use the term royalty ‘free’.

But i thought royalty free music was free !?

Royalty free music does not means it’s free ! It’s a lot of work to compose, record and publish the songs we made, and we try to make the best quality possible. We may sometimes offer promotions or free stuff, but royalty free music is just free of royalties, it’s not always freebies !
BUT ! We offer a free license with attribution: you can use our music for free as long as you credit musicincloud eg: Music by https://www.musicincloud.com

:) enjoy !

Ok but royalty free music is poor quality music!

You may have poor quality music that is royalty free, but it just depends of the exigence of the site editor… If anyone can upload music on it, then for sure you’ll have a lot of bad music. Here you are on a site made by a small numbers of confirmed scene musicians, and we know our stuff ! Just listen to our music, you’ll find real instruments, real compositions, and inspirational atmosphere for your videos…

What is this annoying little voice repeating musicincloud.com in all the songs ?
It’s just the audioprotection of the file, of course, when you buy the song you will have a high quality version without this audio protection.

But what do i pay exactly ?

You pay for a licence that gives you the right to use the music. Depending of the licence you may use the music on internet or for commercial projects or Tv etc. Usualy for internet or non profit use the cost is pretty accessible!

Ok, so if i make videos for youtube, royalty free music is the best choice ?

If you can not afford to pay a composer that will make a music exclusivly for your video, this is a good choice, it’s not so expensive, and if you find a good site (like ours :) you’ll find great music ! Youtube also blocks videos if you use music that you don’t own rights.

So now you can:

Find royalty free music for your youtube videos !