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Why youtube blocked my video

If you are a youtuber and if you use some normal commercial music maybe you have faced this annoying problem…

In fact you should be aware that youtube (and almost all video sharing sites) is scanning every video uploaded on the plateform and analysing it to see if it has copyrighted content in it, music or video games material for instance.

If this happens then you receive a strike from youtube and your video may be blocked, or some advertising may appears on it, in order to retribute the owners of the copyrighted material you used.. So they will make money with your video because you used some of their creation.

Sometimes also if you use some free royalty free music, the creator can change his mind and claim copyright on it, this is why our advice is to use only professional licenced music, so you have a proof that you own a licence of use of the music material.

Our royalty free music is 100% secure, we have only exclusive music made by us, so we control 100% of the copyright. With our music you get a pdf licence that certificate that you have the right to use the song you choose.
We never had any claims of hundreds and hundreds of customer, so be sure you won’t have any problem using our music…

Read our licence informations.