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Royalty Free Music for your videos

Music In Cloud is the perfect place to find quality royalty free music. If you are a youtuber, a video editor, for a corporate presentation, games, advertising spot or for other projects. Our music are all exclusive to our store, You can't find our music anywhere else at another price. Our music is only available here and we make all our songs and control 100% of their copyright. We are sure it's 100% royalty free.  Depending on your use you can choose between our different licences and pay the fair price.
We produce music in a lot of style and mood: with acoustic guitar, romantic piano  agressive dubstep, electro house, jazz and gypsy jazz, motivational and corporate etc. etc.
We can also provide original creation or spectific synchronisation for your project... contact us for more information !

Recent Articles

Use our Royalty free music for youtube ! No more blocked video...

If you used some normal songs, or if you took some free royalty free music from some random site, there's a chance that the music is not really "royalty free". Youtube scan every videos to check if there is copyrighted content in it. If there is, it can either block the video, or put advertisment on it... To avoid any problems just use our royalty free music, we control 100% of our catalog, and like hundreds of our clients you're sure that you won't have any problem here!

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