Free After Effects Templates

on January 26, 2016 .

If you are a beginner or an improved after effects user, you'll appriciate those totally free templates for after effects... Make your animations to a new level easyly by using and analising those great templates...

1 -

 Mini Explainer from blue fx

To present your product to your client, this template will help you to make a great animation as below: ​Place your gfx & video, a tutorial is included !


2 - Wedding Memories download after effects template here
A nice template to make a great animation of a wedding for instance...

3 - Type O Matic Download After Effects Template here

It's a free template for designers and motion graphers to create their own animated typefaces, it's developed by Hamo Studio. Three different templates available for creating easy, quick and customizable type animation like that:

4 - Text Intro LightShow FREE

Make a super efficient text intro like that with this free template:

5 - 

  Stalker Free After Effects Templates

Two great template to make a professionnal presentation like below.. 

We hop you enjoyed this selection, and for your videos have also a listen to our royalty free music !
And if you want to learn after effects have a try at this selection of free after effects tutorial.