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Free tutorial for After Effect


After Effects from Adobe is the Best software to make composing, video effects & more for your videos, if you are a beginner you’ll find here a selection of great FREE tutorial lessons to get used to the interface, learn to make basic animations, effects & more stuff !



Here is the basis to get your hand on after effects:

And more ! Even if the tutorials are made with a previous version of after effects, it’s free and it’s almost the same interface as now so begin to learn now !


Krisco Art Production Learn After Effect in 20 minutes !

Here is a very nice youtube channel and great tutorials about visual fx in after fx, check this beginner video:

Be sure to check other more advanced videos about more advanced techniques on his channel here !


John Dickinson’s Motion Works

​Motion Works is the site of a motion graphic designer and famous trainer, you’ll find on this site a lot of good ressource to learn after effects, but also Cinema 4d ! The tutorial are more about learning to do some great specific effects, and there is a lot of them so check it out !

Motion Works After Effects Tutorial


Mamo World’s Begginer Tutorial !

Here is also a great channel to learn after effect ! here is the beginner’s video:

You have 5 lessons on the list, check it out here.

Tutorial For Graphics

A super list of tutorials to learn after effects CS 6 ! 28 lessons so you have everything you need.. and it’s free ! here it is:

Ok ! Now you have a lot of work to master the after effect interface and begin to create great fx for your videos. Find also some Free After Effects Template selection here !

And to give more effects to your productions check also our great royalty free music for your videos !