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Terms & Condition:

This is a document containing the contract defining the rights of farm musical works produced by Musicincloud and any natural or legal person (the client) , bought through the website or  . By accepting these terms and conditions of sale detailed below you agree to strictly abide by the contract and the framework for the use of musical works that you choose as defined in the articles of this document. The contract is concluded between LICENSOR : Le Bus manager of site and CUSTOMER The Client named in the invoice or license certificate obtained by the customer once the order of musical works performed and validated.

1 – Definitions of goods and services offered: What we will call throughout this document ” musical works ” music available site. These musical creations marketed by Musicincloud and available on these sites are not registered with SACEM or in any collective management of copyright , these organizations can not request a fee or reward of some kind . Customer acquires through the website a licence  to use musical works created by Musicincloud. This law is strictly regulated by licenses that the customer has chosen and accepted the details of which is defined by Musicincloud. If the client can control justify the free use of works acquired providing a copy of its certificate of license , citing the works acquired , the type of license and a link to the site Musicincloud Music or these works are available listening for verification. By buying a licence on the site of Musicincloud Client fills out a form for his identification card . By confirming the order, the Customer automatically creates a personal space, “My Account” and will be available this information , as well as the details of the order , a link to immediately download the selected works, an invoice and a certificate of license .

2 – Rates: The prices listed in the catalog are priced in Euro. Musicincloud reserves the right to change prices at any time, except that the prices listed in the catalog on the day of the order shall be applicable only to the buyer. Prices include the cost of order processing.

3 – Use Framework: by paying the full price of the order, the customer acquires the right to use musical works by integrating its project within the limits and conditions set out in this document and in accordance with the license he has chosen to the exclusion of any other use . The authorized use of musical works is based on the license chosen by the customer.
The details of these licenses can be consulted on the website of Musicincloud . Another use would be subject to an application and prior written authorization or by acquiring an additional license. Musicincloud reserves the right not to allow additional use without having to give reasons . Are strictly forbidden any use commonly considered ” immoral ” The Customer may reproduce for backup any media sound creations which he is operating license , or if the specific license terms that he chose explicitly allow. The customer does not get the right to assign, sell or rent its operating license to a third party . Any changes to the music or integration work in another musical production is strictly prohibited, unless special authorization under a new contract established according to customer demand by Musicincloud.

4 – Format and Delivery: Musical works are available once the order set by the Customer. The free shipping is by downloading a digital file from a link received by email or on the Customer’s account on the website Musicincloud. The digital format is available in WAV compressed into a ‘ zip ‘ file. Customer agrees and says this format to be able to exploit . The mailing is possible if the customer requests it on CD by the transport mode of choice, however, this mode will be charged by Musicincloud.

5 – Cancellation policy: Pursuant to Article L121- 20-2 of the French Consumer Code the buyer has a cooling off period of seven days from the receipt of goods ordered if the customer has chosen a physical delivery on CD . He can exercise his right of withdrawal if the audio recording is unsealed. If the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, Musicincloud agrees to reimburse the sums paid within 30 days after the return of goods purchased in its original packaging intact . With the exclusion of any other remedy . Concerning musical files works downloaded Musicincloud inform the Client that it has the ability to download a test version in MP3 format musical works to ensure its purchase BEFORE payment. This version is available in the web page of each musical work by clicking the “Download” button. The customer accepts this condition is committed to testing the musical work in his first project with this test file. Once downloaded music work through the link provided by email or on his account , the customer may not exercise his right of withdrawal , as these files are immediately repeatable

6 – Liability: Musicincloud is not responsible for the establishment of musical works for their use, but provides the files and the framework for the use of these works, the exploitation in this context is the responsibility of the Customer. Customer agrees the format provided by Musicincloud and provides be able to download the file immediately available and operate . Musicincloud accepts no responsibility for any consequences whatsoever , whatever the nature of the use of musical works or inability to use these so-called works

7 – Cancellation: The Customer may terminate at any time this contract by notifying Musicincloud recommended by enclosing a copy of the invoice number and the order letter. No refund will be made. The Customer shall then no longer use or creation (s) sound (s) contained (s) in this license. Musicincloud reserves the right to cancel any license whose use would be different to what is defined in the License or acquired in connection with an event considered ” indecent ” or contrary to public policy. No refund will be made , and Musicincloud can only liability and penalty against anyone .

8 – Exclusiveness: Musicincloud gives no exclusive use of musical works to the Client.

9 – Credit music: Productions made by the Customer with the musical works of Musicincloud should contain the words: ” Music by”

10 – Computers and freedoms: In the application of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 , any customer Musicincloud has a right to access and correct the recorded data. The information containing names of buyers may be subject to automated processing. Musicincloud reserves the right to collect information on purchasers including by using cookies , the automated processing of information , including the management of e -mail users of the site was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL on …

11 – Law: French law is applicable to this contract.

Musicincloud is the property of Le Bus / 28 bd aristide briand / France /Siret 82163676800011 / Ape 5920Z / CNIL Declaration : n°1979508 v 0