5 Great Jingle Bells Royalty free music version

Jingle Bells Royalty Free Music

Good morning all! Christmas is fast approaching and if you are looking for cool versions of jingle bells royalty free music, here is a small selection that should please you!
In Gypsy Jazz version with Gypsy violin and swing guitar, or in Reggae version à la Bob Marley .. In techno version or even simple version with glockenspiels and bells, you will find what you are looking for  here ! :)

Jingle Bells gypsy jazzJingle Bells ReggaeJingle Bells funJingle bells CocktailJingle Bells Techno

  1. Jingle bells Gypsy Jazz

    A guitar that takes off, a gypsy violin that twirls at the same time as the rhythm and the melody begin … This version of jingle bells royalty free music gypsy jazz will definitely seduce you! Swing à la Django, with guitar and violin solo for joyful and catchy royalty-free Christmas music! :)

    Jingle Bells Swing 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:gypsy guitar violin
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy
  2. Jingle Bells Children Choir

    A super nice version of jingle bells royalty free music with an orchestra and a happy children choir ;)

    Jingle Bells Children Choir 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo orchestra voice
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  3. Jingle Bells Reggae

    Bob marley is with us! With a direct import version from Kingston .. Whawha guitar, drums, bass … The atmosphere of Jamaica is there for this version of Jingle Bells Royalty free Reggae .. Perfect for your youtube video presentations, podcast or other video editing. .. !!

    Jingle Bells Reggae 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:electric-guitar orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy lounge
  4. Jingle Bells Fun

    A few glockenspiels, bells, a fun piano and childish effects for a cheerful and bouncy Christmas atmosphere :) … A simple version perfect for your youtube videos or other podcast and video projects for Christmas!

    Jingle Bells Fun 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  5. Jingle Bells Cocktail ViolIn

    A magnificent piano which shines the chords, a languid violin and a jazzy double bass which intervenes afterwards … The perfect jazzy atmosphere for a corporate youtube video for example … Let yourself be carried by the magical atmosphere of a royalty free Christmas music for your youtube videos!

    Jingle Bells Cocktail Violon 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:piano violin
    The mood(s) of this tune:
  6. Jingle Bells Techno

    Bells ring, and let’s go! a techno beat, flutes and a more modern atmosphere for this version of Jingle bells techno royalty free music! For your youtube videos more dynamic or more modern but with the end of the year Christmas mood …

    Jingle Bells Techno 29,00€14,00€
    The instrument(s) used are:drumbox orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy

Here are some other royalty free christmas music randmly from our catalog:


Listen to all our christmas royalty free music ! :)

For your video projects, for a podcast or for your youtube videos, the Christmas period will certainly push you to look for some royalty-free music to easily enhance your videos. No problem of monetization or major that demonetizes your videos using our copyright free music, of which we control 100% of the copyright so don’t worry …

Depending on your use you can choose the appropriate license for your video … If it is only broadcast on the internet / youtube / with monetization you can take the corporate license. For a video passing on an advertising network (google ad or facebook ad) or tv you will need the advertising license …

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information if needed and listen to our catalog we have many styles available, free music for Christmas, rock, corporate, gypsy jazz and others … Often recorded with real instruments , you will surely find your happiness for your video edit , youtube productions or other podcast! :)

Good listening !