13 Best Christmas Royalty free music for youtube !

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Hello ! Ahhh christmas christmas, the best part of the year ! So everyone is doing nice youtube videos and production to celebrate and do some marketing for your subscribers or customers… So if  you need some copyright free christmas music for youtube ! Great we have a lot of stuff to propose for your youtube videos, have a listen an we hope you will enjoy our music !

  1. Jingle Bells Swing
    The famous jingle bell traditional song in a swing gypsy jazz version, with acoustic guitar, doublebass, and violin with a typical jazz manouche sound… Bouncy and swinging ! More Infos
    Jingle Bells Swing
    The instrument(s) used are:gypsy guitar violin
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy
  2. Christmas Dreams
    A super orchestral christmas royalty free music with glockenspiel woodwinds, strings and a happy mood perfect for your videos projects. More Infos
    Christmas Dreams
    The instrument(s) used are:orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy
  3. Santa meets Charlie !
    A super happy ragtime piano with christmas orchestra elements, glockenspiel and flutes… Perfect for your youtube videos, Very happy !. More Infos
    Santa Meets Charlie
    The instrument(s) used are:percussion piano
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  4. A Warm Christmas Piano
    Perfect for your youtube video wishes for christmas ! A super piano melody and strong orchestra to give big emotions for your christmas videos !. More Infos 
    A Warm Piano
    The instrument(s) used are:orchestra piano
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy romantic
  5. Santa in paris
    The swing of the guitars, the sound of a Christmas orchestra… Django ate a Santa Claus, yes! :) Let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere of Santa Claus in Paris to the sound of gypsy jazz. More Infos
    Santa Swing in Paris
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo gypsy guitar orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  6. We wish you a merry christmas children choir
    A nice version of the famous “We wish you a merry christmas” song with a children choir singing ! Instrumental version included and also 60s , 30s & 15s edit. More Infos
  7. Jingle Bells children choir

    A super nice version of jingle bells royalty free music with an orchestra and a happy children choir ;)

    Jingle Bells Children Choir
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo orchestra voice
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  8. Santa is in Town
    Another nice christmas royalty free music with orchestral mood and folk acoustic guitar energy ! More Infos
    Santa is in Town
    The instrument(s) used are:acoustic-guitar orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy
  9. Magical Feelings
    This one is amazing, begining with a nice and inspiring piano and going on with orchestral elements, and getting very strong in the middle.. perfect for putting a delicate passionate and motivational touch on your christmas youtube video … More Infos
    Magical Feelings
    The instrument(s) used are:orchestra piano
    The mood(s) of this tune:motivational romantic
  10. Story of Snow
    An Original Song in a christmas magic style, with a lot of good feelings ! perfect for a holiday video with a good christmas atmosphere… More Infos
    Story of Snow
    The instrument(s) used are:orchestra
    The mood(s) of this tune:children happy
  11. Silent Night Vocal
    A superb vocal version of silent night, very emotional with 2 female voices, some glockenspiel and strings… perfect for a magical christmas royalty free music for your video More Infos
    Silent Night Vocal
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo voice
    The mood(s) of this tune:calm
  12. Merry Christmas Bells
    – A funny version of I wish you a merry christmas ! With acoustic guitar, the melody is played by a glockenspiel and a very happy and tender mood More Infos
    Merry Christmas Bells
    The instrument(s) used are:glockenspiel-xylo
    The mood(s) of this tune:happy
  13. Oh Christmas Tree Jazz
    – A jazzy mood for this traditional oh christmas tree song ! Lounge premium style, with jazz guitar, brushes, and a nice feeling. More Infos
    Oh Christmas Tree Jazz
    The instrument(s) used are:electric-guitar glockenspiel-xylo
    The mood(s) of this tune:

We have a lot more to discover, look at the selection, a lot of different style are available from techno to jazzy music and with some beautiful piano royalty free music also , take the time to listen to choose the perfect music for your youtube video !

Don’t forget you can download a preview to work on your edit and see how the music works with your video. just look on the player you have the option to click on download preview.

From traditional to more original and modern you can check and listen our catalog.. I’m sure you will find the good music for your need. We are a small team of independant composer from France, trying to do the more professional and best royalty free music for your videos…

Don’t hesitate to contact us if needed or if you have any inqueries about licencing or how this website works…

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The end of the year is synonym with snow, magic, and happy songs to celebrate.. Santa is coming ! :) You have to create a great video to share on youtube and you know what ? music is important ! To create a warm nice mood of christmas music youtube, here is a selection of great christmas royalty free music for you to choose for your youtube videos… Enjoy !